​Creating secure passwords is hard. Remembering them is harder. Do you...

  • ​Use the same password for multiple websites?
  • ​Keep your passwords in a notebook or Word document?
  • ​Use "123456" or "password" as your password?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, hackers could easily access all your personal information - including bank accounts, credit cards, health information, and more.

So what can you do to stay more secure, but still be able to remember your passwords?

Here's what you'll achieve when you sign up for
Remember Your Passwords

​Store All your passwords in one Convenient place

​Remember Your Passwords lets you put as many passwords as you want in one ultra-secure vault. You can also store credit card information, WiFi passwords,  insurance data, bank account information, or anything else you want to keep safe and accessible.

​Only Remember 1 Password

​​​Remembering passwords is hard. With Remember Your Passwords, you only have to remember 1 password. After that, all your passwords can be automatically filled in for you.

​Keep yourself safe from ​Cybercriminals

​​By learning how to create and store your passwords with security in mind, you will be less vulnerable to malicious use of your social media accounts, breached bank accounts, and even identity theft.

Here's what you get with Remember Your Passwords

  • ​Access to 5 videos ​where you will learn how to use the free LastPass app to easily organize all your passwords in one convenient location
  • ​2 downloadable ​guides providing tips on creating secure passwords and ​cheat sheets on how to use LastPass
  • Complete setup of your LastPass account for you, including inputting all of you​r passwords (o​ptional premium service)

Which Option Is Right For You?

Set it up for me

​Set It Up For Me includes everything in the Show Me How option plus premium setup of your accoun​t for you.

We will save all your passwords for you as well as credit card numbers, personal information, and secure notes.

​Your personal information is guaranteed ​100% safe.​​​​

​Show me how

This option gives you access to all training videos, plus 2 downloadable guides with cheat sheets on how to create and store secure passwords.